You’ve been pre-approved for financing and now know what you can afford, congrats!  Now it’s time to start home shopping. What does YOUR “dream home” look like?

It’s easy to talk in generalities about wanting a “big” house or a “maintenance free” home. But in order to better target your search let's think specifically about your needs. Will your “big” house be 2,000 square feet or 3,000? When you say “maintenance free” home, do you mean vinyl sided or maybe even a condo?

Sit down and make a list of your wants and needs — and yes, those are two different things. You may want a pool, but you probably could live without it. : )
Understand that your wish list will likely change as you learn more about your housing options. Proximity to the lake may start as a priority, for example, but once you see the price of lakefront homes available in your price range, you may decide a short drive to the water is quite bearable.  Unless you have an unlimited budget, it’s likely you’ll need to make compromises along the way.

Use these questions to help make your very own list of housing requirements...

  • What is your comfortable price range? 

  • Can you do renovations or will need something move-in ready?

  • How many bedrooms? How many baths? Basement?

  • Do you want to live in town, a subdivision with a homeowner’s association, or out on acreage of your own?

Perhaps you can take time to rank specific home features as “Must Have,” “Like to Have” or “Don’t Care”, Identifying your priorities will help you and I find you the perfect property.

When you are ready I am ready to partner with you in your search!  Tisa  989.614.0701

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