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Ready to sell your home? 

We've sold hundreds of houses and we know what home buyers are looking for in a new home. These simple, but proven tips, will improve the marketability of your home. This means more money your pocket and a faster sale!


  • Do the Prep Work!
    • A sloppy paint job is worse than no paint at all. All surfaces should be cleaned, patched, and smoothed before adding any paint. Remove outlet covers and vents first. 
      Be sure to account for dry time.
  • Stick to Neutrals
    • Vivid colors are great to live with, but not so great when selling a home. Your home shows best as a blank canvas, one that buyers can picture themselves living in. Stick to ivory, beige, and greys.
  • Use the Right Materials
    • Use a good paint brush with a tapered edge that will allow you to create perfect lines along the ceiling and trim. 
  • ​Don't Forget the Trim
    • ​Newly painted trim can make a property seem clean and fresh. Make sure to wash and patch first, so everything looks smooth. Don't forget to caulk between the trim & wall!


  • ​Clutter is a Distraction
    • If your home is full of clutter, that's all a potential buyer sees! Getting rid of clutter will take the focus off of your belongings, and put it back on your property.
  • ​​Let Buyers Visualize
    • ​​Let buyers visualize themselves living in your home. Showcase the space, layout, and features of the home as it will suit their needs, not yours.
  • ​​Utilize Home Storage
    • ​​An abundance of clutter gives buyers the impression that your house doesn't have enough storage space. Declutter to avoid giving buyers a reason to dislike the property.
  • ​You are Moving Anyway
    • ​​If you're selling your home, then you're planning on moving anyway! Get a jump start, by packing away anything non-essential. This helps your home show better, and makes moving easier!